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    How to restore the B42x card back to default values?

    1.  Power down the B42x card for 30+ Seconds
    2. Install/Short the MODE Jumper on the B42x card 
    3. Set the Address Dial to (9)
    4. Set the Laptop or PC to Obtain IP Automatically
    5. Connect patch cable or cross over cable from Laptop or PC to B42x Card
    6. Power Up the B42X Card
    7. Wait 1 minute or more for the laptop or PC to get an IP address of
    8. Open a web browser (Internet Explorer – Fire Fox – Chrome . . .)
    9. In the address bar, type
    10. A Login screen should come up. The password is B42V2
    11. Make the needed changes or Select Default 
    12. Click OK  then SAVE and EXECUTE
    13. Power down the B42x Card – 30+ Seconds
    14. Remove the MODE Jumper
    15. Set the Address Dial to the desiresd address and connect to the B42x Card.

    Note: The Laptop or PC must be assigned to the correct Subnet to allow connection to the B42x.  Also ensure the Wireless interface is disabled.

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