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    How to set D4412 & D6412 points for Part 2 On and then arm as Part 2 On.

    1.  Set Part 2 Points (Cmd 65)

      1. Make sure the system is turned off (All and Part are off).
      2. Press [Cmd] + [6] + [5]. The command center may prompt you to enter a passcode by flashing the Cmd light.
      3. Enter a valid passcode if necessary. The command center display turns points already assigned for Part 2 on steady. Flashing points are available for Part 2 assignment.
      4. Enter the Point Number (D6412: 1-40; D4412: 1-24) and press [*] to toggle it Yes or No for Part 2 (Yes = Active, ready to detect intrusion / No = Non-active, you can move freely without sounding an alarm). Repeat this procedure until all the desired points are selected for Part 2.
      5. Press [Cmd] to exit this function.

    2. Turn the System Part 2 On (Cmd 3)

      This command turns on part of the system, leaving the rest of the system Off .

      1. Make sure all points are normal (not faulted).
      2. Press [Cmd] + [3] to turn the system Part 2 On. The command center may prompt you to enter a passcode by flashing the Cmd light.
      3. Enter a valid passcode if necessary. During Exit Delay, you may stop the system from turning on by entering a valid passcode. If you wish to turn the system Part 2 On with No Delay, press [No Delay], or you may bypass points by pressing [Bypass].
      4. During the last 10 seconds of Exit Delay, the command center allows for a “last chance” response to disarm the system. During this time, the command center emits a double tone every second. The system then turns Part 2 On.
      5. To turn the system off, enter a valid passcode.

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