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    How to setup the RF3224 and the transmitters for that receiver

     Ensure RF Programming in D4412/D6412 Panel is complete. Program point Device as RF Receiver #1 or #2

    Using Remote Programming, go to Point Configuration and Device for point. Select Data Bus RF Receiver #1 or #2. Using Keypad programming, ensure Device is programmed to 4 if using RF Receiver #1 and 5 if using RF Receiver #2. Set RF3224 Receiver to correct address

    Set to address #1 by placing the jumper over only one of the two pins if point uses receiver #1.  Set as receiver #2 by placing the jumper over both pins if point uses receiver #2. Ensure Receiver #1 and/or Receiver #2 are turned on in programming

    Using Remote Programming, go to Data Bus Configuration and select Yes by either receiver #1, #2 or both.  In keypad programming, make entry in nibble 1249 of 1 for receiver #1, 2 for receiver #2, or 3 for both receivers #1 and #2.Program transmitter into panel

    Using Remote Programming, enter 9 digit number located on back of transmitter into RF ID slot in point configuration. From keypad, enter RF Programming using the following steps: 1) Close the Installer switch. 2) Enter the installers passcode. Keypad should read "'Code Accepted!" 3) Press CMD 41. 4) Enter 7 for RF Programming. From RF Programming menu, press 1 to add RF Devices, enter point number followed by *, enter the 9 digit number on the back of the transmitter into the keypad followed by CMD. Command center should read "ID added, Press #". After all RF devices are programmed, press CMD twice, Keypad should read "Configuring RF, please wait" Press CMD to return to Main programming menu or release the Installer Pin to return to normal operation.

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