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    How to test Inovonics wireless motion detectors using Walk Test.

    Walk will work correctly if the wireless motion is set for a Fixed Sleep Timer position. You may have to wait up to 180 seconds to activate the devcie.  When the wireless motion is set to the Variable Sleep Timer we have 2 options:

    • Stay out of the PIR's field of view for more than 180 seconds to allow to unit to become active.
    • Place the Sleep Timer jumper in the fixed position.

    Peform Walk Test:

    • SDI type keypads:  Press: [CMD] + [44]
    • SDI 2 type keypads: Press: [Menu] +  [3] + [3] + [1]

    Select Fixed/Variable Sleep Time:

    The sleep time jumper setting provides control for normal or high-traffic operating environments. When set to fixed, if the PIR senses motion, it will transmit an alarm, then enter sleep mode for 180 seconds; if motion is sensed when the sleep time has expired, the PIR will transmit another alarm. Fixed sleep time is recommended for normal operating environments. When set to variable, if the PIR senses motion, it will transmit an alarm, then enter sleep mode for 180 seconds; if motion is sensed before the sleep time has expired, the PIR will restart the 180 second interval. Variable sleep time is recommended for high-traffic operating environments, and is the default setting as shipped from the factory.

    • Note:  Inovonics Motions Sleep Timer is selescted as Variable out of the box.

    B820, ISW-D8125CW, ISW-D8125CW-V2, EN4200, IWS-EN4200, ISW –EN1260, EN1260, ISW –EN1261HT, EN1261HT, ISW-EN1262, EN1262, ISW-EN1265, EN1265

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