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    How to test your communications port

     If the status screen never changes from (configuring port) then RPS does not see any device at the other end of the com-port. This is verifiable by testing your comport communication with hyper terminal. To open HyperTerminal follow the below walk through listed below:

    • Click on : START-->Programs-->Accessories-->Communication-->HyperTerminal

    The HyperTerminal program should open to make a new connection.

    • Type in a test name and select an ICON.
    • A connect-to screen should open with default options (connect using) should equal = COM(X) X = is the com-port number the modem is connected to.
    • Click (OK).
    • Port settings screen should pop up (leave default settings) alone click (OK)
    • Now a hyper terminal window is open and if there is a device on the connected com-port you will be able to type in this window.
    • If you are able to type in this window, you can test device by typing (AT) and pressing enter.
    • If a modem is connected com-port you should get a response (ok) = if ok. You should be able to communicate using the RPS program.
    • If still unable to communicate using RPS (call BOSCH technical support).
    • If the computer does not see a device on the connected communications port you will not be able to type in this window.
    • Check if the com-port listed in device manager.
    • Check cable going to the modem.
    • Make sure that the modem is powered on.
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