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    How to troubleshoot the D9210B door point missing when the door module is working properly.

    When using the D9210B, D9210C or B901 when connected to SDI, a short condition of the Tamper Contacts will cause the door point  to go missing.  Whis will generate a trouble when disarmed and an alarm condition when armed. 
    • Inspect the B901 or D9210C T+ and Common termials for a short condition.
    • Inspect the D9210B termials 9 & 10 for a short condition. 
    A short condition could be caused by;
    • Damaged tamper switch.
    • Normally closed tamper switch used instead of normally open.
    • Incorrect wiring connections. 
    The Enclosure Tamper Switch may be the issue. Terminals 8 and 9 are the terminals for the tamper. A short to this loop will generate a Missing Trouble Point ### for the point number assigned to the D9210B. With this tamper point faulted, the D9210B will still function. To properly use this feature, connect a N/O tamper switch to Terminals 8 and 9. Upon opening the D9210B enclosure, the tamper switch will short the inputs and generate the Missing Trouble Point ### message. Note: SDI FAILURE ### and MISSING PT ### are reported to the central station when the SDI bus has failed or the D9210B is missing.
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