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    How to upgrade or downgrade GV3 Series panel firmware.

    ROM Update Key part numbers:
    • To upgrade from version 8.00-8.09 follow the below instructions and use part number: GV3-V8.0X-KEY.
    • To downgrade from Version 8.10 and higher follow the below instructions and use part number: GV3-ROM-KEY
    NOTEWhen the panel firmware is downgraded  ALL PANEL PROGRAMMING PARAMETERS WILL BE CHANGED TO DEFAULT.  A new program must be written and sent to the control panel.

    ROM Update Key Instructions for the D9412GV3/D7412GV3/D7212GV3.
    The D9412GV3/D7412GV3/D7212GV3 ROM Update key performs flash upgrades/downgrades on GV3-Series control panels.  The ROM Update Key is color-coded green.

    1. With power applied to the control panel, place the GV3 ROM Update Key onto the FLASH PORT pins on the control panel.  The blue LED on the update key lights to indicate that the key has power.

    2. The update takes approximately 1 minute.  The green OPERATION MONITOR LED flashes rapidly during the update. 

    3. When the update completes successfully, the Update LED flashes green 5 times fast every 5 seconds.  The OPERATION MONITOR LED stays on steady.  Remove he update key.  The control panel reboots automatically and then resumes normal operation. 

    When downgrading panel firmware using key p/n: GV3-V8.0X-KEY,  ALL PANEL PROGRAMMING PARAMETERS WILL BE CHANGED TO DEFAULT.

         1.  The Update LED flashes red every 7 seconds if the update fails.  Remove the update key for 10 seconds and then repeat the update process.

         2.  If the software version on the e control panel is the same as the version on the update key, when you insert the update key, the Update LED immediately flashes green 5 times fast every 5 seconds, and the OPERATION MONITOR LED stays on steady.  Remove the update key.

         3.  The flash update process will not start immediately if the control panel:
              a.  Is sending a report toe the central station.  When the send completes, the control panel starts the flash update.
              b.  Is in an RPS session.  If an RPS session is active, the control panel terminates the session and then starts the flash update.

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