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    How to use the OctoRelay module with the DS7488.

    • DS7488 Octal Relay: If installed, the optional DS7488 Octal Relay

    will provide fixed outputs for predetermined panel conditions. The

    DS7488 Octal Relay attaches to the keypad bus and must be set

    for Option Bus Address 9.

    Octal relay outputs will not operate during the first two

    minutes after powering up the control panel.

    The fixed outputs are:

    - Output 1 - Zone Alarm: Follows any zone alarm (except Silent

    and Invisible zones). Remains On until the zone restores, the

    bell cutoff time expires or [PIN] + [Off] is entered.

    - Output 2 - Zone Trouble: Follows any zone trouble. Latches

    ON when any zone is in an abnormal condition.

    - Output 3 - System Reset: Activates for 8 seconds when the

    [PIN] + [System Reset] command is entered at any keypad.

    - Output 4 - Panic/Duress: Latches ON when the Panic (C) key

    is pressed for 2 seconds on any keypad or when a Duress

    Code is entered into any keypad. The relay is released when

    the command [PIN] + [Off] is entered at any keypad.

    - Output 5 - System Trouble: This relay is ON when a system

    trouble has occurred. Releases when the system trouble is


    - Output 6 - Low Battery: The relay is ON during a Low Battery


    - Output 7 - Partial Arm: In a non-partitioned system the relay

    is ON when the system is partially armed (Force Arm, Perimeter

    Arm or zones bypassed). In a partitioned system, the relay is

    ON when any partition is partially armed. The relay is reset

    when the system (or partition) is disarmed or is fully armed.

    - Output 8 - Armed: In a non-partitioned system the relay is ON

    when the system is armed to any level. In a partitioned system,

    the relay is ON when both partitions are armed to any level.

    The relay is reset when the system or any partition is disarmed.

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