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    How to use the relay programming options in G Series Panels

    Available relays:
    • Panel Main Board: A, B, C (Legacy 7000/9000 and G types require a D136 for relay B and C).
    • Zonex 1: 1-64  (only 1-40 on all D7212 thru D7212GV4 types).
    • Zonex 2: 65-128
    There are 4 different options for relays:

    Area Wide Relays:
    Relays trip for events that occur in the selected area.
    Area Wide Relay programming.png
    Panel Wide Relays:
    Relays trip for global events in the panel. Example: Summary Burg trips for any burglar alarm in any area.
    Panel Wide Relay programming.png
    Relay Response Type: (Relay Follows Point/ Relay Latches)
    The corresponding relay will trip based on the point that is tripped (example: Relay 40 follows Point 40).
    Configured in the Point Index that the point follows.
    • Relay Response 1: Point Off-Normal: Relay ON.  Point Normal: Relay OFF.
    • Relay Response 2: Point in alarm: Relay Latch. Remains latched until reset command is performed.
    Relay Column in Ponit Assigments (BFSK Relay in Legacy panels):
    A D8129 Octorelay addressed bank of 8 relays are used. A relay from this bank is associated with one input or multiple inputs.  A number between 1-8 may be assigned to the input.  An alarm generated on an input with a relay associated in the RELAY field will Latch the associated relay.  This relay remains latched until the alarm is reset.
    BFSK type Relay programming.png
    Panel Type Associated Relays
    D7212 types (all) Relay entry: 1-8 uses a relay addressed as 9-16
    D7412 types (all) Relay entry: 1-8 uses a relay addressed as 9-16
    D9412 types (all) Relay entry: 1-8 uses a relay addressed as 73-80
    BFSK Relay operation.png
    Entering a 1 uses the first relay in the bank. 2 uses the second relay, 3 latches the 3rd, etc.
    D8129, Octorelay, BFSK, Output
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