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    Program network reporting in GV3 version 8.10 and higher control panels.

    Network communication in GV3 version 8.10 and higher series control panels is configured in Panel Wide Parameters > Routing and AUXPARM > Enhanced Communications.

    Panel Wide Parameters > Routing:

    • Each Route Group provides parameters for selecting a Primary and Backup Path device for sending reports to a network receiver. In the selected Route Group, select the Primary and Backup device used for sending reports to the monitoring station.
    • Select the SDI address of the network communicator (SDI 88 or SDI 92) and a path (1-4) which will contain the receiver IP address, port and supervision settings.

    Routing GV3 higher group.jpgl

    • Each Route Group (1-4) provides configuration settings for individual receivers. Upon completing communication to the first configured Route Group, reporting will continue to the next configured Route Group until the last one has completed.

    AUXPARM>Enhanced Communications

    Enhanced Communications contains configuration settings; receiver IP address, port number and supervision settings, for each of the four paths.

    • Set Enable Enhanced Communications to Yes to allow the control panel to send reports over the SDI bus.

    Set the supervision time according to your local requirements:

    • Supervision Interval     Listing          Poll Rate    ACK Wait     Retry Count
      • 90 Seconds             UL 2050      
    • 90 Seconds:  UL 2050   (High Security)
    • 200 Seconds: UL 1610
    • 300 Seconds: NFPA 72 2010
    • 1 Hour


    Supervision Interval     Listing Poll Rate ACK Wait Retry Count




    The supervision interval time is calculated as follows: Poll Rate + Ack Wait + (Ack Wait x Retry Count) = Supervision Time For example, to set a 300 second supervision time:

    • Poll=240
    • Ack Wait=10
    • Retry Count=5

    240 + 10 + (10 x 5) = 300 seconds (or 250 + 50 = 300 seconds)

    Enhanced Comms Path GV3 higher.jpg

    Set Anti-Replay to Yes.


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