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    Program network reporting in GV3 version 8.10 and higher control panels.

     Panel Wide Parameters > Routing:

    • Each Route Group provides parameters for selecting a Primary and Backup Path device for sending reports to a network receiver. Select the Primary and Backup device used for sending reports to the monitoring station.
    • Select the SDI address of the network communicator (SDI 88 or SDI 92) and a path (1-4) which will contain the receiver IP address, port and supervision settings.

    Routing GV3 higher group.jpg

    • Each Route Group (1-4) provides configuration settings for individual receivers. Upon completing communication to the first configured Route Group, reporting will continue to the next configured Route Group until the last one has completed.

    AUXPARM>Enhanced Communications

    Enhanced Communications contains configuration settings; receiver IP address, port number and supervision settings, for each of the four paths.

    Set Enable Enhanced Communications to Yes to allow the control panel to send reports over the SDI bus.

    Set the supervision time according to your local requirements:
    • 90 Seconds:     UL 2050   (High Security)    Poll=60/Ack=5/Retry=5
    • 200 Seconds:     UL 1610     Poll=110 / Ack=15 / Retry=5
    • 300 Seconds:     NFPA 72 2010     Poll=210 / Ack=15 / Retry=5
    • 1 Hour:     NFPA 72 2013     Poll=3240 / Ack=60 / Retry=5
    • 4 Hours:     Medium Security     Poll=12600 / Ack=300 / Retry=5
    • 24 Hours:     Daily     Poll=64800 / Ack=3600 / Retry=5
    The supervision interval time is calculated as : Poll Rate + Ack Wait + (Ack Wait x Retry Count) = Supervision Time For example, to set a 300 second supervision time:
    • Poll=240
    • Ack Wait=10
    • Retry Count=5

    240 + 10 + (10 x 5) = 300 seconds (or 250 + 50 = 300 seconds)

    Enhanced Comms Path GV3 higher1.jpg

    Set Anti-Replay to Yes:

    Anti-replay is a strategy designed against replay attacks. This feature will prevent substitution of a control panel or network interface module (NIM) solution for delivering events over a network.

    A replay attack is when a “hacker” records a message that is sent over the network by Device A and replays this message at a later time while pretending to be Device A.

     AUXPARM>Route Group Parameters

    Route Group Parameters selects whether the Primary Path and Back-up Path Devices are using one physical receiver or if there are two separate physical receivers.

    Select No for Same Network Receiver if the selected RG is using only one physical receiverOnly select Yes when the Primary Path and Back-up Path Devices are Different receivers.

    Route Group Params GV3 higher.jpg

    DX4020, B420, B426, Network Communicator, Conettix

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