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    DCN-NG licensing process

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    To use the software modules, the software needs to be licensed. In order to receive licenses for the software, the keys need to be registered online.

    • Once a license key is acquired, it needs to be loaded into a CCU2 and the license-key is bound to the serial number of the CCU2.
    • In case of a defective CCU2, a new license key needs to be generated for the replacement CCU2.
    • Using a Multi-CCU2 system, a license is only needed for the CCU2 set as Master controller. On the license website, you just fill-in the serial number of the Master CCU2.
      Note: There’s no need to install licenses on individual CCU2’s when set for multi-CCU2 operation.
      Note: When ‘single’ mode is used for a CCU2 in a multi-system, then that CCU2 still requires a license when that CCU2 is used with PC control.
    1. Go to the Bosch Security licensing website: and choose DCN Next Generation.

    2. Start the licensing process:

    3. Fill in the CCU2’s Serial Number and Checksum

    4. Enter the required fields:

    5. Check if the fields are filled in correctly:

    6. Add the authorisation number, if you have more than one, choose “Add next number” to add further authorisation numbers; one license key will be given even if inputting more that one authorisation number.

    7. You will receive a license key in this step. The key can be printed or converted to PDF. It’s very important to save the key information as it’s needed to activate the CCU to be able to run the SW application.

    8. Upload the license key into your CCU or NCO. The Bosch ‘download and license tool’ is to be used to upload your license into a CCU2.

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