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    How to select a network interface NIC to work with DICENTIS?

    The DICENTIS cannot handle more than one enabled NIC at the same time and this could lead that it choose the "wrong NIC" and this delay can interrupt the system.

    This will be specially important if you use your own custom made Server. To avoid this problem it is necessary to precisely define the DICENTIS network interface (NIC).

    These next few steps will show you how to do that.


    Step-by-step guide:


    1. Open the "network connections "



    2.Check what Name your Server NIC has. In this example it is "DICENTIS" what is pre configured for all our DCNM-Server1-3 DICENTIS server.



    3. Now open the " advanced system settings "



    4. You can as well open these settings via Control Panel.



    5. Now you need to enter

    • Variable name: DCNM_PREFERRED_NIC
    • Variable value: DICENTIS




    The DICENTIS system must to be isolated form your corporate network. Create a separate sub-net with a different VLAN for the DICENTIS part in your network. 

    Do not us a second Office NIC as the DICENTIS server!


    Wrong entry:

    If you enter the wrong "Variable value" for your DICENTIS NIC it   will not work  and show you at the right corner some related error notifications.





    You can find this description in the software manual (DCNM-SW) under point 14.18. which is as well available in our DICENTIS software.


    Please note that we provide some examples how to set up a DICENTIS network with our System blueprint folder which is available in our DICENTIS software since 3.70.

    And the examples are increasing overtime with every new version. So please checkout the newest Software even if you have only an SMA for the use of lower versions to get an current set manuals and blueprints.


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