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    Network errors, disconnects, static in a DCN-NG system with Integrus

    Product(s) affected: DCN-NG systems including an INT-TX Integrus transmitter

    Version(s): all

    Problem description:

    Setting up a new system with a Integrus transmitter. As soon as the Integrus transmitter is connected to the system all kinds of problems start occurring:

    • “Network Error” on the display of the transmitter
    • Static/crackling from the discussion devices (sometimes)
    • Discussion devices do not start (when the CCU2 is rebooted)
    • Network status on the CCU2 is either “Not connected” or “Not responding”, depending if a ring setup is made (former) or a direct connection (latter)
    • Network status on other devices in the MOST network will also show “Not responding”


    The problem was caused by the default settings of the INT-TX transmitter. By default the device will act as a standalone device. However, for it to function in a DCN-NG system it needs to be configured as such.

    In order to do so:

    • Go to the network mode menu item (menu 4B) on the Integrus Transmitter
    • Select “Enabled”
    • For more information, see the Integrus Operation Manual chapter 7.2.3

    The warning in the Integrus Operation manual also indicates possible problems as described above:

    In case ‘Standalone’ is selected and the transmitter is connected to a DCN Next Generation or DCN wireless system, the audio in the system can be disrupted. In case ‘Enabled’ is selected, while no DCN Next Generation or DCN wireless system is connected, the transmitter will show the fault status “Network Error”. In case ‘Enabled’ is selected and the transmitter cannot connect to the optical network (e.g. because the control unit of the DCN Next Generation conference system is switched off), the emergency contact does not function.

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