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    RESTful API programing on a DICENTIS Wireless DCNM-WAP



    If you are facing problems with the API to construct your own synoptic view you can take a look at the RESTful API test page as well as Synoptic control example.

    • It is recommended not to use wireless connectivity for 3rd party REST API usage.
    • REST API data traffic will be distributed on the same channel as the audio part and add additional traffic to the WIFI network.
    • It is preferable to use the long-polling method. Do not use the normal polling method as this generates a lot of traffic, which might decrease the performance of the wireless connection.


    RESTful API


    It uses HTTP requests to GET, PUT,POST and DELETE data.

    Please connect to your DICENTIS and start up your system.

    As next step please open the RESTful API page with the following link.



    In this case it is :


    The page looks like this and in this example I will execute the Get waiting-list.

    1_RESTful API programing on a DICENTIS Wireless DCNM-WAP.png

    2_RESTful API programing on a DICENTIS Wireless DCNM-WAP.png

    3_RESTful API programing on a DICENTIS Wireless DCNM-WAP.png


    Synoptic control example


    Get the file from our Software download page.

    4_RESTful API programing on a DICENTIS Wireless DCNM-WAP.png

    Enter your IP Address as well as User and Password. In this example I created a user with name api and Password api before hand.

    5_RESTful API programing on a DICENTIS Wireless DCNM-WAP.png

    Now you can control and setup your DICENTIS Wireless with this test page.

    6_RESTful API programing on a DICENTIS Wireless DCNM-WAP.png

    If you want to have more command and options please have a look with your browsers developer tools in our programing.




    Please note you need keep alive your system every 10-30 seconds or else your program will stuck in some time.



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