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    How-to: AEC 2.1 Reader Compatibility - ARD-AYCE658


    What is the compatibility of the ARD-AYCE658 Reader with AEC 2.1?


    This reader is compatible with AEC 2.1. AEC uses 8-bit keypad readers. The option mode that the keypad reader must be programmed for is 8-bit (option 3).


    Keypad Only Operation: To enable Keypad Only Operation – Go to the Reader Configuration in Reader Options to enable.


    Keypad only operation allows only a Pin for access. The command key is '4'. It requires the user’s card number followed by pound (#).

    Ex. 4 1234 #


    If the Reader configuration is setup to require Pin Codes, then you must also use the user's Pin code on the keypad reader if the cardholder requires a PIN (cardholder configuration).

    Ex. 4 1234 # 5678 # (where 4 is the user command, 1234 is the card number, and 5678 is the user's pin code)


    To use the keypad reader with Card and Pin enabled (Dual Factor Authentication), then present the card and type the PIN code followed by pound.

    Ex. (Present Card) 5678 # (e.g. 5678 is the user's pin code)

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