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    How to Add Sounds to Alarms in ReadykeyPro


    How do you setup ReadykeyPro to enable sounds on specific events?


    1.Log into "Sys Admin" and click on "Monitoring" and select  "Alarms".

    1. Click on the "Audio" tab.
    2. Click the "add" button and select  "browse".
    3. In the look in box, click on the drop down arrow and navigate to where your "wav" files are kept.
    4. Select the wav file you want to use and click on the open button.
    5. In the name type in a name for your sound.
    6. Select the "notification" radio button and click "okay".
    7. Next click on the "Alarm Configuration" tab.
    8. Select an alarm event in the list of events window. "Make sure checkmark is on the event."
    9. Next click  "Modify". Under the "Audio Notification" select the wav file desired for the event.
    10. Check repeating if you want the sound to repeat until acknowledged. Also select the frequency of the repeating alarm in seconds.
    11. Click on the okay button and log out of Sys Admin and Alarm Monitoring and log back in.
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