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    How to Adjust the Access Easy Controller 2.1 for holiday schedule door control.


    How do you apply a schedule to AEC v2.1 to keep a door closed?


    Follow the steps below to adjust AEC 2.1 holiday schedule door control.


    1)      Create a Configuration > Holiday or Special Holiday for the holiday date. If you check yes to include year in processing then this will only apply to the year selected.


    2)      In Configuration > Schedules, the schedule will reflect the normal hours used for access or to keep a door open. If a time period is defined under Regular Holiday, then that time period will be applied on any regular holiday and the door will unlock. To keep the door locked during a holiday, verify that the time periods are empty in the Regular Holiday row of the schedule.  The same applies to a special holiday.


    3)      For each door which will be using schedules and/or holidays to manage access, you will need to enable the feature under Configuration > Device > Door > Function. Select schedules and holidays will be used to unlock this door.


    4)      For each card assignment which will be managed with holidays, browse to Card > Card Administration > Functionality. The following should be checked, "Card holder must abide by holiday schedules (to work in conjunction with Reader Options)."

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