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    How-to: Archiving/Purging using Scheduler in Readykey Pro


    How can a schedule be configured to automatically archive or purge the database?


    Archiving is the process of storing transactions from the active SQL database to another file format, such as CSV or text.
    Purging is the process of deleting transactions from the active SQL database so they no longer exist, except in backup files.

    Readykey Pro Unlimited can create a scheduled action to archive or purge the database. You must configure Archiving or Purging before you can schedule the action.

    1. Go to System Administration | Administration | Archives....
    2. Set the Archive To and Records Older Than fields as necessary.
    3. Go to System Administration | Administration | Scheduler to configure the action.
    4. Click Add | Action Types | Archive/Purge Database | Next.
    5. Select the Schedule tab.
    6. For Schedule Type, select One Time or Recurring.
    7. After this is finished, click OK.

    The Scheduler form shows new scheduled action in the Action Type column with the field name of Archive/Purge Database. To modify the schedule, select this row and click the Modify button.

    IMPORTANT! Ensure that the Linkage Server is configured and set to automatically run.
    To configure the Linkage Server Host:

    1. Go to System Administration | Administration | System Options | Modify.
    2. In the Linkage Server host field, enter the hostname of the server running the Linkage Server service.
    3. Cick OK.
    4. Ensure that the startup type fpr the LS Linkage Server service is set to Automatic, and that it is running.
    5. To see if the LS Linkage Server service is running, go to the Windows Start Menu | Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Services | LS Linkage Server.
    6. Double-click the LS Linkage Server.
    7. Ensure that Automatic is the selected Startup Type.
    8. Ensure that the Service status shows Started.
    9. Click OK.
    10. Close the Services windows and Control Panel.
    11. Go back into System Administration and close the Scheduler window.
    12. Reopen it under Administration | Scheduler and ensure that the Service status shows Running.
    13. If it is not showing Running, wait another 5 minutes and try again.
    14. If it is still not running, contact Lenel Technical Support for further assistance.


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