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    How to Change the D8229 Access Keypad Default Site Code

     How is the D8229 Access Keypad site code changed from the default setting of 0?

    The default site code on the D8229 is 0 until changed by using the following procedure:

    1. Remove power from the D8229 by disconnecting the Red wire from input voltage.
    2. Connect the Pink wire to the Black wire.
    3.  Reconnect power to the D8229 by reconnecting the Red wire to input voltage. 4 rapid beeps will be heard and both the Red and Green LEDs will flash at the same rate.
    4. Enter the desired SITE CODE (between 0-254) and press #. The keypad will sound 4 rapid beeps and both LEDs will flash 4 times. At this point the keypad will appear dead and will not accept any entries. (If a wrong key is pressed while setting the site code, pressing * will clear the entry. The keypad will sound 2 rapid beeps and both LEDs will flash at the same rate).
    5. Remove power from the D8229 by disconnecting the Red wire.
    6. Remove the Pink wire from the Black wire.
    7. Reconnect power to the D8229 by connecting the Red wire and returning to normal configuration.

    Note: If a site code number higher than 255 is entered the keypad will sound an error tone.

     When entering passcodes using Command 56 (Add Passcode), proceed to where asked to Present Card. Enter a 4 digit passcode followed by #. This will enter the users access passcode and the correct Master Site code into the passcode worksheet in programming.

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