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    How-to: Eight-bit Word Format Pin Readers and ReadyKey PRO


    Will an 8-bit word format pin reader work on ReadyKey PRO?


    An 8-bit word pin reader will work with ReadyKey PRO. The following are instructions for setting up a system for this reader using 6-digit pin codes. It will also work using 4, or 9-digit codes.

    Setting up system and reader:
    1) In System Administration, go to Access Control-->Access Panels.
    2) Click on the LNL500 tab.
    3) Click on the options tab for the LNL500 to which the reader interface is connected.
    4) Click Modify.
    5) Under pin type, select '1 - 6 Digit PIN' and click OK.
    6) Click OK when it asks "Modify Record?" to save changes.
    7) A warning may appear stating that this change may require a full download to the LNL500. Click Yes.
    😎 Click close to close the Access Panels window.
    9) In System Administration, go to Administration-->Cardholder Options .
    10) With the General Cardholder Options tab selected, click Modify.
    11) Next to Pin Type, select '6-digit'.
    12) Next to Generate PIN code, select None (Manual Entry).
    13) Make sure that both Unique PIN code, and Allow edit of PIN code are checked.
    14) Click OK.
    15) A message may appear stating that you have "successfully changed the system configuration…" If any workstations are running, make sure that the users log out and log back in to the application for the change to take effect. Once this is done, click OK
    16) Click Close to close the Cardholder Options window.
    17) In System Administration, go to Access Control-->Readers.
    18) Click Add to add this reader and enter a name for it.
    19) Select the LNL500 Panel on which this reader is connected.
    20) The type of reader is going to depend on what reader interface is used. Regardless, the format will be (Wiegand / Prox). For example, if using a LNL1300, the type will be 'Single Interface (Wiegand / Prox)'.
    21) Select the Port and Address for this reader.
    22) Under Reader Mode, make sure that the Online Reader Mode is set to 'Pin or Card'.
    23) The card format selected for this reader does not matter because it doesn't read cards. Just select 'Wiegand Format' because ReadyKey PRO requires a format to be selected.
    24) Under Keypad, select 'Eight Bit Output Keypads'.
    25) If User Commands are to be utilized from this reader, check the box for that enables this.
    26) Click OK.
    27) Click OK when it asks "Modify Record?" to save changes.
    28) In Alarm Monitoring on the System hardware tree, select the LNL500 to which this reader is connected, right click on it and select Download Database.

    Pin codes are entered for Cardholders in System Administration in Administration-->Cardholders , on the Badge tab.

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