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    How-to: Maximum Number of Concurrent Users For This Feature Has Been Reached in rdkypro


    Does Readykey Pro offer hee ability to manually log off a client from a Readykey Pro application for one of two reasons:

    • A remote client computer was left logged on to System Administration after the operators shift ended. The administrator wants to log that client out of the system so that unauthorized personnel cannot make changes in the system.
    • The system incorrectly thinks that too many clients are logged into an application. This results in the message Maximum number of concurrent users for this feature has been reached.


    1. Open an internet browser such as Internet Explorer.
    2. Browse to the server on port 9999. To do this, type in http://ServerName:9999.
    3. Log on to License Administration. The default username/password is admin/admin.
    4. In the list, find the license you would like to revoke.
    5. Click on the number to the right of the license showing how many users are logged into the application compared to how many maximum users are allowed on that application. (For example:  "1/1")
    6. A window appears, showing which clients are currently logged into that application. To terminate a connection, click on Revoke next to the client whose connection you would like to terminate.

      Note:  By revoking a license in this way, the client receives an error message indicating that the license was revoked by the administrator.
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