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    How-to: RDKYPRO E-mail messages sent automatically have no information in the body of the e-mail.


    When email is setup to send messages automatically in readykeypro, the body of the message is blank containing no alarm message.

    If the same type of e-mail is sent manually from Alarm Monitoring, the body of the e-mail message appears correctly.



    To correct this issue:

    1) In System Administration, select Monitoring > Alarms.

    2) Select the Messages tab.

    3) Select the alarm that is configured to send e-mail messages from the Alarm listing window.

    4) One or more messages will display in the Messages listing window. The Subject or Message fields should be blank for each message. By entering any value in either the Subject or Message field, the default information in the body of the e-mail will not be included.

    5) Once the message causing the problem has been identified in step 4, select the message and click [Remove] to delete it.

    6) Click [Add E-mail] to create a new e-mail and enter the desired recipients. Do not edit the Subject or Message fields. Select [OK] to save the new message.

    Automatic e-mail messages will now contain the correct information

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