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    How to Troubleshoot an Ethlan-Micro and RKP-500

    The RKP-500 and the Ethlan-Micro are configured through dipswitch and jumper settings on the access controller.


    1. Dip switch settings: 1 – 5 – 6 – 7 ON (Encryption not used)

    J13 – Off

    J4 – 232

    J7 – 2W


    2. Ping the IP address of the Ethlan-Micro. Ensure four successful responses.


    3. Telnet to the Ethlan-Micro (e.g. TELNET [IP] 9999).

    Channel 1 configuration

                Baud: 38400

                I/F Mode: 4C

                Flow: 02

                Port: 3001

                Connect Mode: C0

                Send +++ in Modem Mode? Yes

                Auto-increment source port? No

                Remote IP? (

                Remote Port? (0)

                DisconMode (00)

                DisconTime (00:00)

                SendChar1 (00)

                SendChar2 (00)


    4. Check the Workstation Name in System Administration under: Access Control | Access Panels | RKP-500 tab. Ensure that the Online checkbox is enabled and the network configuration is correct for the IP address on the Connection tab.


    5. Firewall – Run the Windows Service Pack Utility located in: Start | All Programs | Readykey Pro | Windows Service Pack Utility. Ensure all recommendations have been accepted to confirm the Windows firewall is not filtering network traffic. Temporarily disable third-party firewalls to test the network connection.


    6. It may be necessary to power down the ISC and remove the lithium battery for one minute. This will default the controller’s internal memory in order to eliminate any potential software problems with the RKP-500.


    7. Finally, test the connection in the Alarm Monitoring application. Confirm that the communication server is running, then run: Start | All Programs | Readykey Pro | Alarm Monitoring. Verify the controller is online in the System Hardware tree.

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