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    How to add additional Access Easy Controller reader boards on the RS-485 loop

     Follow the steps below to add the additional reader board.

    1. Power down the system.
    2. Remove the shunts from the termination jumpers on all previously existing reader boards.  The jumper pin block is labeled JP1.
    3. Mount the additional reader board into an AEC "additional" enclosure. Stacking boards on top of existing ones is not supported.
    4. Shunt the termination jumpers on the last board along the RS-485 bus.  The jumper pin block is labeled JP1.  Note, this is the last board on the physical data bus.  It doesn't have to be the last address as addresses are permitted to be out of order on the loop.
    5. Address the additional reader board using the dipswitches.  The valid addresses are 1, 2, 3, and 4.
    6. Wire in the RS-485 communications wire between boards using terminal block T13 on each board.  The bus must be daisy chained and cannot be t-tapped or wired in a star topology.  The wires will be connected "straight through" with A --> A, B-->B, and Shield --> Shield.  Wire the ground to the enclosure's ground.
    7. Attach the tamper and main power fail input wires to T12 on the additional reader board.  If unused, shunt the inputs with a shorting wire.
    8. Power up the system and wait for a full reboot. (5 to 8 minutes)
    9. Log in to the web interface and browse to Configuration | Device | Door.
    10. Click on the green '+' sign at the top left to add a new door.
    11. Click on the green '+' sign next to the Entry drop-down box.
    12. Put a check in the box next to the reader board you added.

    NOTE:  If the reader board is still is not responsive in the system, browse to System | System Log and click on the circular button for "Re-Scan the Available Reader I/O Boards."  Wait 3 minutes for the system to scan and refresh the screen.

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