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    How to configure Door shunt only with Access Professional Edition

    The Door Opener can be disabled using a custom application through programming in the Configurator utility. This application is required in scenarios where a manual egress is used instead of the automatic Door Opener. In this application, the pushbutton input is still required. This input can be configured with a request to exit motion detector or a pushbutton microswitch. It must shunt the door contact so that an unauthorized access (e.g. Door Forced Open) event is not generated. Follow the steps below to configure the custom application.


    • Open Configurator and click on the Entrances icon.
    • Select the appropriate door and click the edit door icon.
    • Under input signal definitions, remove the door opener in output signals by highlighting it and clicking on the red X icon.
    • Click on the Outputs icon and find the appropriate output for the door opener.
    • Click on the Add icon for activations, and then add an activation for ‘Access’ on ‘Reader’. Select the appropriate reader number for the specified entrance.
    • Set the duration of the output to the door activation time.


    Note: The door activation time will not deactivate if the door contact closes, so this may create a potential for tailgating. This is a change in functionality from the Entrance’s control of the Door Opener.

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