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    How to configure Elevator Control with AEC1.0 Controller

    AEC1.0 – Elevator Control

    Install AEC – 8I8O – EXT board

    • Follow directions in the AEC Installation Manual to attach and properly address the AEC-8I8O-EXT board.

    Program the AEC controller through the Access Easy web interface

    • Connect and log into the configuration web page for your panel.


    • Output Setup

    This section will be used to name the relay outputs on the AEC-8I8O-EXT.

      • Select Panel Admin.
      • Select Output Setup under the Panel Admin heading.
      • Click on the first output you will be using on your output board.

    Outputs 1 to 8 will be on the output board addressed as number one by the on-board jumpers. Outputs 9 16 on output board number 2, etc.

        • When the Output Point Setup window opens, delete the default description and enter in a new description for that output. We recommend using the name or number of the floor that will be controlled by that output for ease of programming.
        • Click on the save icon. Then click on the clipboard icon.
      • Continue this procedure for all outputs that you will be using.
    • Card Readers

    This section will allow you to select a reader as an elevator reader and link it to the appropriate outputs.

      • Select Card readers under Card Access Admin.
      • Click on the reader that will be used for elevator control.
        • In the Reader Function section, select Elevator Reader and click on the green arrow.
        • Under Scheduling Options, select the appropriate scheduling scheme for this reader and then click the green arrow.
          • Associating a schedule with a reader will make all of the floors associated with the reader public (not requiring card access) during the scheduled time.
          • If you want to make individual floors public during certain times, this can be done by going back to the Output Setup and adjusting the individual output’s Output Schedule.
        • In the Floor Output Settings page, enter the appropriate amount of time in the Floor Relay Enable Timer. This setting will determine how long the relay with stay active after a card read.
        • To associate the floor number with the appropriate relay, select your floor from the Floor drop down box, select your output in the Output dropdown box, and click on the “+” button.
          • This will populate the window above.
          • Repeat this step for each floor and output that will be controlled by this reader.
    • Access Groups

    In this section, you will give an access level permission to access assigned floors.

      • Select Access Groups under the Card Database section.
      • Click on the access group that you would like to modify for elevator control.
        • First, provide a description for this access group in the text field at the top.
        • In the Access Group window, put a check in the box next to the elevator reader.
        • Next, select the appropriate schedule for when you would like personnel in that access group to be able to access that elevator reader.
        • After you select your schedule, click on "Floor List" on the right.
          • When your Floor List window opens, put a check mark by all of the floors that this access group will be able to access.
    • Card Assignment

    This section will allow you to assign an elevator access group to a card holder.

      • Select Card Assignment under the Card Database section.
      • Click on the user number you would like to modify for elevator control.
        • In either Access Group A or Access Group B, assign the Card Holder an access group that includes access to the desired floors.
    • Test the System
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