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    How to configure elevator Day Mode settings in ReadyKeyPro


    How do I allow open access to certain floors of a facility during the time periods I specify?


    Important: In Readykeypro only one (1) elevator Control Level (ECL) can be linked per elevator reader. It is recommended to plan ahead. Decide which floors you want in Day Mode during what time periods, and then create the corresponding timezones.

    To configure elevator Day Mode settings, complete the following steps in System Administration:

    1) From the Access Control menu, select Access Panels.
    - Select the Options tab for the access panel.
    - Confirm the Elevator support check box is selected.
    2) From the Access Control menu, select Readers.
    - Select the Reader tab for the reader.
    - Confirm the Elevator check box is selected.
    3) From the Access Control menu, select Timezones.
    - Create the timezones needed.
    - If you have more than one (1) floor that should be accessible without a badge, create that timezone only once because the timezone can be applied to as many floors as required.
    4) From the Access Control menu, select Access Levels.
    - Select the elevator Control tab.
    - Click Add.
    - Type a name for the elevator control level you are creating. You may want to indicate that this ECL is the day mode ECL).

    5) Depending on how your elevator buttons are wired, ensure the floor number is consistent with the output number. Generally, these are wired on a one-to-one basis, meaning that floor 1 is also elevator output 1. This is not always the case, however, and you will need to make sure you know how they are set.
    6) After you configure the elevator output and floor number to the first floor requiring open access, select the appropriate timezone, then click Assign.
    7) After you have linked each floor with the appropriate timezone, click OK to save the ECL.
    😎 From the Access Control menu, select Readers.
    - Select the Reader tab for the elevator reader.
    - Select the Controls tab.
    - Click Modify.
    - Click on the Custom Day Mode Settings drop-down arrow. You should see the ECL that you created earlier.
    - Select the ECL entry, then click OK to save.
    9) Download the database to the access panel.

    The floors you added to your ECL will not require a badge or pin to be accessed during the specified timezones.

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