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    How to configure the keypad reader RK-40 with pin code

    · In Config Browser create a connection Access Engine and add an AMC 4-W
    · Add a new entrance to this AMC
    - select an entrance model (e.g. DM 01b)
    - select 1st inbound reader "WIE1K Reader: Wiegand Reader, keyboard"
    - click ok
    · Activate pincode verification
    - click on the reader ("WIE1K Reader")
    - select tab Settings
    - set "PIN code required" option to "PIN code turned on"
    · Activate new configuration
    - apply changes
    - Start BIS (or reload config) in BIS manager
    · Create an access Authorization that includes this reader
    - log in into BIS user interface
    - open Access Engine
    - go to System data-> Access authorizations and create new authorization
    - assign the before created door model to this authorization
    · Configure cardholder
    - go to Personnel data-> Persons and create a new person
    - go to Personnel data-> Cards and record a card
    - go to Personnel data-> Cards and assign the before created access Authorization
    - go to Personnel data-> PIN code and enter a PIN (6 digits)
    · Test configuration
    - present card-> LED is flickering green/red
    file:///C/[5/21/2018 11:30:16 AM]
    - enter 6 digit PIN-> LED switches to permanent green and door is opened if PIN is correct
    - The pincode is recognized as "Alarm PIN" if it is increased by 1 (112234 instead of 112233) or
    · if it is mirrored (332211 instead of 112233)
    - If the reader does not react on an entered PIN even if the LED is flickering it may have the
    wrong configuration
    · Reason: The same reader hardware is sold with two different configurations:
    - 4.998.127.615 ARD-RK40 to be connected with APC-DC202 (=BoGuard32 controller; do
    not order this)
    - F.01U.514.655 ARD-RK40-AMC01 to be connected with AMC-4W ("our" AMC)
    · The problem can be fixed with a configuration card.
    · Steps to perform:
    - disconnect reader from AMC
    - hold configuration card in front of the reader
    - connect reader to AMC --> you will hear a special acoustic signal ("double beep")
    - move configuration card out of the reader's range --> reader will reboot and has now the correct
    configuration permanently stored.
    - disconnect reader from AMC

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