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    How to troubleshoot AEC 2.1 Playback Video Error


    What causes an error of a black window with a red invalid icon when attempting to playback video from Access Easy Controller?


    This is could be caused by video not being available at the specified time by the AEC controller, or a failed connection to the video device. If the video device time and the AEC controller time are out of sync, then this can cause video to be pulled from the video device at the wrong time. If the login credentials are invalid, it will not allow playback from the video source.

    When setting up a Bosch Encoder or IP Camera with playback capability, there are a few specific requirements for the playback video to function. Check the following the ensure video will playback.


    • The time must be synchronized between the Access Easy Controller and the Video recorder.
      • An easy way to do this is to synchronize each device to the time on the PC. To synchronize the time and date in Access Easy Controller, select System and Date & Time from the main menu. Click on the synchronize icon and save the page.
    • The Access Easy Controller must have the camera configured for playback video using a user name and password. Both of these items are case sensitive.
      • Select Configuration and Video. Click on the Edit icon for the camera that is not playing recorded video. Check the User Name and Password fields to ensure they are filled out with the correct login and password (including the correct case-sensitive spelling).
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