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    How to troubleshoot Device Type Mismatch message in Readykey Pro


    There are a few issues that could cause your Device Type Mismatch error.  The most common issue is that the system has not been configured properly.  Therefore, the software programming and the hardware in the field do not match up correctly.  More advanced issues may include incorrect or incomplete information being stored in the access panels.


    Perform the steps below to troubleshoot the mismatch.  Each step should be performed only after the previous step is completed.  Once a step is complete, test the system to see if the issue has been resolved.  If it has not been resolved, continue to the next step.

    1. Verify the hardware configuration.
      a)  Are the dipswitches addressed correctly on your downstream device?  (RKP-1320, RKP-1100, etc)
      b)  Are the RS-485 communications wires connected to the correct port on the upstream access panel?  (RKP-500, RKP-2200, etc)
      c)  Are those same communications wires connected properly on the downstream device?
      d)  Is the RS-485 communications terminated properly with the termination jumpers on the last downstream device?
    2. Verify the software configuration.
      a)  Is the downstream device addressed properly?
      b)  Is the correct device type selected?
    3. Download the database to the access panel.
    4. Restart the Communications Server.
    5. Restart Alarm Monitoring.
    6. Download the firmware to the access panel.
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