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    How to troubleshoot Transponder Communication Failure a Using Serial Cable


    Communication between transponder (EA500B) and Security Escort Console lost or not established.


    *Communication between the transponder and the console requires the use of a straight through serial cable.

    If unable to restore or establish communication between the transponder and the Security Escort Console, first verify that serial cable is not null modem and is in fact straight through. Also make sure the switch on the transponder is in the proper setting for RS-232.  For RS-232 settings it must be in the left position.

    -Once cable  and switch is verified proceed to the Console Software, select Utilities and then select "Reset Transponder Comm Ports". In most cases this will restore communication.

    -If communication has not been restored, use the on/off switch to power down the transponder and proceed with the following instructions.

    1: Right click my computer.

    2: Select  Properties from drop down.

    3: On the System Properties window choose the Hardware tab.

    4: Click on the Device Manager button.

    5: Find Ports in the list and expand by clicking on + symbol next to Ports.

    6: Right click Communications Port and select Uninstall.

    7: Confirm by pressing OK.

    8: Scroll to the top of the Device Manager list, right click on Computer Icon at the top (icon will be labled with the name of the PC).

    9: Choose Scan for hardware changes.

    10: This will reinstall the Com port.

    1. Close device manager and associated windows.

    12: Power up the transponder and load the console software.

    Now check the LED's on the transponder and verify communication in Console. Communication should be reestablished at this point.

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