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    How to troubleshoot a Communication Initialization Failed in Readykey Pro

    This error occurs when the Readykey Pro Communication Server fails to establish a TCP session with the network interface module of the remote device (e.g. PC9133TTL-E, DX4020, etc). Follow the steps below to fix the error:


    • Open System Administration (e.g. Start -> Programs -> Readykey Pro -> System Administration).
    • Open Additional Hardware -> Intrusion Detection Devices.  Select the appropriate panel and click Modify
    • Note the IP address on the Connection tab.
    • Make sure the Online checkbox is not checked, and then click Ok.
    • Minimize the System Administration application.
    • Click on Start -> Run -> Type ‘cmd’ -> Click Ok
    • Type the following command using the IP address from the Intrusion panel: Telnet [ip address of panel] 3001
    • Ensure there is a blank screen with a flashing cursor. Now type the enter key on the keyboard and verify there is a response of a few ASCII characters. If there is not a response after pressing enter, then the panel configuration must be checked to ensure that SDI Automation is turned on in the panel configuration.
    • If there was an error message while connecting of ‘Connecting to x.x.x.x… Could not open connection to the host, on port 3001: Connect failed’, then verify that the IP address of the panel is correct. Also verify that the network interface module (e.g. DX4020) on the panel is properly configured via telnet (e.g. Telnet [ip address of panel] 9999).
    • If the connection was successful and ASCII command was returned, then continue with this troubleshooting guide.
    • Open System Administration, and click the Modify button.
    • Set the Online checkbox as enabled, and then click Ok.
    • Close System Administration and return to Alarm Monitoring to verify panel status. The panel should now be online.
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