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    How to troubleshoot a Login Driver Error after a RDKYPRO Database Restore

    Restoring a Readykey Pro database cause problems with Database Ownership with the SQL user with which the login driver uses. Follow the steps below to assign proper Database Ownership rights to the appropriate SQL user to grant ‘dbo’ privileges.

    1. First ensure the ODBC link has been established properly by clicking on Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Data Sources -> System DSN tab.  Select the ‘lenel’ DSN from the list and click Configure.
    2. Ensure the Server name matches the PC name of the SQL Server and click Next.
    3. Set the SQL authentication parameters: Login ID & Password (e.g. lenel / MULTIMEDIA or Expre$$).
    4. Click Next and Finish, then Test Data Source to verify a positive confirmation of the test. Click Ok and close all windows until the desktop is displayed.
    5. Open SQL Server Management Studio Express by clicking on Start -> Programs -> Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008/2012 -> Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express.
    6. Upon opening the utility, ensure the Server Name is the name of the SQL Server for Readykey Pro and enter the appropriate authentication (e.g. SQL Server Authentication using ‘sa’ and the appropriate password).
    7. Expand the Database folder in the Object Explorer window.
    8. Right click on AccessControl (e.g. the Readykey Pro SQL database) and select New Query.
    9. Type sp_changedbowner into the SQLQuery window and click Execute.
    10. Ensure the following message is displayed as a positive confirmation: "Command(s) completed successfully."
    11. Close SQL Server Management Studio Express.
    12. Click on Start -> Run.  Type services.msc and click Ok.
    13. Stop the LS Communication Server, LS License Server, and LS Login Driver services if they are running. Start each application in reverse order (e.g. LS Login Driver, LS License Server, and LS Communication Server).
    14. Now login to the appropriate application and verify whether or not the login driver error still occurs.

    If an error is still encountered, call into Bosch Technical Support for additional assistance.

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