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    How to Adjust Calendar on D8112 Series CMD 46


    How can the calendar be adjusted on the D8112?


    Perform the following steps:

    Your security system has an internal calendar which it uses to schedule automatic test reports and other functions. This calendar can be programmed to run a weekly or monthly time schedule.

    If programmed for a weekly schedule, the display shows the day of the week followed by the number of the day (for example, MON 2).

    If programmed for a monthly schedule, the display shows the month, followed by the day of the month (for example, MAR 20).

    To use COMMAND 46:

    1. Ensure that the security system is disarmed.

    2. Press the COMMAND bar. The display should show SYSTEM COMMAND.

    3. Press and release the 4 key, then press and release the6 key. The display should show SET DATE=(date disply). To set a new date display, simply enter the desired date with the number keys on the Alpha II keypad. See the directions on right for month mode or day of the week mode display adjustments.< /FONT>

    4. When the display is correct, press the COMMAND bar to exit from this mode. If the COMMAND bar is not pressed, the new date will not be entered and the Alpha II will revert back to the original date displayed. If no keys are pressed for 20 seconds, the Alpha II automatically exits from this mode.

    Day of Month Schedule:

    EXAMPLE: To set a date of May 17, you would enter the following: Press the 0 + 5 keys ("05" is the code for May, the fifth month of the year), then press the 1 + 7 keys. The display shows SET DATE= MAY 17.

    Numerical entries to set month display

    01 JAN 04 APR 07 JUL 10 OCT

    02 FEB 05 MAY 08 AUG 11 NOV

    03 MAR 06 JUN 09 SEP 12 DEC

    Day of Week Schedule:

    EXAMPLE: To set the day of week display for Friday, you would enter the following. Press the 6 key. The display shows SET DATE= FRI 6.

    Numerical Entries to Set Day of Week Display

    1 SUN 3 TUE 5 THU 7 SAT

    2 MON 4 WED 6 FRI

    Part numbers D8112, D8112A, D8112E, D8112E1, D8112G, D8112G1, D8112G2, D1252, D1252A

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