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    How-to: C900V2 Input and Output Functionality


    What function do the inputs or outputs perform on the C900V2?


    The inputs and outputs are set for specific functions. The inputs and outputs are defined below by their finite state.

    Input 1: Short/Open/Restored Events
    Input 1 will send Short, Open, and Restored events to the Central Station receiver depending on the state of the input. Input 1 is supervised, and it requires a 10k Ohm end-of-line (EOL) resistor. States are listed below.
    Lower than 1.66vDC, Short.
    Greater than 3.33vDC, Open.
    State Change from faulted (Open or Short) to Normal (1.66vDC < Normal Voltage < 3.33vDC), Restored. 

    Input 2: Intercept Inhibit
    If voltage is high, it immediately goes into Fallback Mode for 2 minutes. It must be low for 5 seconds or more to be considered low. A low condition will prevent Fallback Mode due to Input 2.
    Higher than 5.5vDC, state change to High.
    Lower than 5.5vDC for 5 seconds, state change to Low.

    Input 3: Intercept Override
    If voltage is high for at least 5 seconds, it goes into Fallback Mode. It can restore immediately from Fallback mode after Input 3 goes into a low condition. Another condition causing fallback mode other than Input 3 will not restore from Fallback Mode to Intercept Mode.
    Higher than 5.5vDC for 5 seconds, state change to High.
    Lower than 5.5vDC, state change to Low.

    Output 1:
    Open under normal operation.
    The output changes state to Closed when the CPU Fails.

    Output 2:
    Open under normal operation.
    The output changes state to Closed when the D6600 fails to respond with an ACK message. This output would represent a network communication failure.

    Output 3:
    Open under normal operation.
    The output changes state to Closed when the C900V2 enters Fallback Mode. This can be used to indicate a Communication Trouble because the C900V2 is not sending signals over the network while in Fallback Mode.

    Output 4:
    Open under normal operation.
    The output changes state to Closed when a manual command is sent from the Central Station receiver. This output is used in conjunction with the D6200 Program Software, and it can be used to provide a custom relay closure by the Central Station.

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