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    How to Change Passcodes on the D8112


    How do I change a personal passcode?


    Personal Passcode Change

    This COMMAND feature lets you conveniently change your personal passcode at any time, without assistance from your alarm company.

    Notes Before Beginning:

    • It is recommended that you write down your old passcode and the new one.
    • If the old passcode has 5 digits, then the new passcode must begin with the same first digit of the old passcode.
    • If the old passcode has 6 digits, then the new passcode must begin with the same first two digits of the old passcode. For example, if the old passcode is 924651, then the new passcode must start with the digits " 92."
    • The new passcode must have the same number of digits as the old passcode (5 or 6 digits). For example, if the old passcode has 5 digits, then the new passcode must have 5 digits.
    • The first and last digits of your new passcode can NOT be the same.
    • Care should be given when entering a passcode containing the same digit in consecutive positions within the new passcode (i.e., "33" in 334697). When entering this type of passcode, it is easy to make mistakes.
    • The last digit of the new passcode can NOT be a "0" or "9".

    To Change Your Personal Passcode:

    1. Ensure that your security system is Disarmed
      Display: READY TO ARM
    2. Press the COMMAND bar
      Display: SYSTEM COMMAND
    3. Press the 5 key
      Display: SUB COMMAND
    4. Press the 5 key
      Display: PROGRAM = COMBO
    5. Enter old passcode
      Example: 9 2 4 6 1 5 Display: COMBO = NOW NEW
    6. Enter new passcode
      Example: 9 2 7 3 2 6 Display: COMBO = OK AGAIN
    7. Enter new passcode again.
      Example: 9 2 7 3 2 6 Display: PROGRAM =OK DONE
    8. When the new passcode is entered again, the Alpha II confirms its acceptance as shown in Step 7
    9. Test the new passcode by using it to arm and disarm your system. Do NOT use Arming COMMANDS 1, 2, 3, or 8 to arm your system until you are certain that the new passcode is working properly

    NOTE: An invalid passcode, invalid digits in the new passcode (e.g.: 0 or 9) as the last digit), or other invalid entries will cause ERROR to appear in your Alpha II display. When this happens, your security system automatically exits the COMMAND 55 Mode. To change your passcode, start again at Step 1.

    Part Numbers D8112, D8112G, D8112G1, D8112G2, D1252, D1252A

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