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    How to Download and Install Remote Programming Software (RPS).

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     1.  For best results when extracting the contents of the compressed file, create a folder at the root of the C: drive to save the downloaded software into. Avoid naming the created folder ‘RPS’ because a folder of the same name will be created during installation. Instead name the folder [RPS_(current RPS revision)], i.e. RPS_6.0x.
    2. To begin the  download, browse to the Bosch website: and select:
           -  Products
           -  Intrusion Alarm Systems
           -  Software
           -  Programming Software  (be sure to select RPS or RPS LITE as applicable)
           -  Select the tab: Software Downloads
    3. Click on the current version of RPS to start the download.  Select the drop-down arrow beside Save and click on Safe as.

    Run or Save RPS.png

    4.  Browse to the folder created at the root of the C: drive back in step 1 and save the file.
    5.  Disable any Anti-Virus or Firewall software (this is very important).

    6.  Log into the PC as a Local Administrator to be sure any domain policies will not have adverse effects on the install.
    7.  Open the downloaded file to access the RPS-Installation-Files Folder
    8.  Right click on the setup file and click on Run as Administrator to run the install.
    9.  Follow the on-screen prompts.

    10.  When opening RPS for the very first time, right-click the RPS icon and select Run As Administrator. This applies administrator privileges to the install and is only necessary when opening for the first time.

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