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    Force Arming the D8112.


    Force Arming the System

    Under normal conditions your Alpha II Command Center cannot be master armed while there is a faulted zone. Force arming allows you to arm the system with any zone faulted other than priority zones. (Priority zones are zones that must be normal when the system is armed.) Force arming arms only those zones that are ready to arm; any zone faulted at arming time is bypassed (not armed). When force arming, a trouble report is sent to the Central Station indicating that the system was force armed and which zone was faulted. A closing report is also sent by those systems that are programmed for opening and closing reports. Force arming can be programmed to apply to most arming commands as well as your personal passcode.

    To arm with zones faulted:

    1. Enter your personal passcode or any arming command desired. The Alpha II emits a "beep" tone with each keytouch indicating that a zone is faulted. The display should show the custom text for the zone that is faulted.
    2. After you have entered all the digits of the passcode or arming command, hold the last key. The display shows HOLD TO FORC ARM. Keep holding the key until the display changes to indicate armed status.
    3. The arm status display alternates with a service display until the communication to the Central Station is complete. NOTE: If the fault is restored (returned to normal) while arming, the zone will be armed. If the fault is restored after arming, swinger shunt determines whether or not the zone will be armed with the rest of the system.

    Part numbers D8112, D8112E, D8112E1, D8112G, D8112G1, D8112G2

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