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    How-to: NetCom Account 0000 on Comm Fail/Comm Restore



    Every time the NetCom account using a C900 goes into Comm Fail or Comm Restore, the message comes in under account number 0000.  Otherwise, the messages come in under the proper account number as entered into the Virtual Account Number field of the NetCom Account Database Setup.


    When a Netcom account goes into Comm Fail or Comm Restore, the default setting is for it to list these messages with its assigned Virtual Account Number.  If it gives you a Comm Fail ACCT 0000, you will want  to verify two settings in the receiver.  This can be done with the D6200 program via the following steps.

    1. Read/Manage Netcom Account Database Configruation from Receiver.  Select the account that went into comm fail and make sure that it has a Virtual Account Number listed under the Settings tab.  Make sure that this number is not "0000."
    2. Read/Manage Network Configuration from Receiver.  Go to global parameters and check 6.8.4 Virtual Account Replacement.  If you have 0 selected, the receiver will not use the Virtual Account number when it goes into Comm Fail or Comm Restore.  We recommend leaving this at the default setting of 1.  With a 1, the receiver will use the Virtual Account number to identify events generated by the receiver. (ie. Comm Fail/ Comm Restore).

    If these settings are corrected, the receiver should now provide you with the entered Virtual Account number when it goes into a Comm Fail or Comm Restore situation.

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