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    How to Partially Arm Perimeter, COMMAND 8 D8112


    Partially Arm the Perimeter, COMMAND 8.


    Partially Arm the Perimeter, COMMAND 8

    COMMAND 8 is used to arm the perimeter of your building while selected portions of the perimeter remain unarmed. Perimeter zones that are not secure (faulted) when COMMAND 8 is entered, are automatically bypassed and are not included in the system. COMMAND 8 does not arm the interior of your building. Exit delays are provided with this arming command. Although this command does not send a "Closing Report" to the Central Station, it will still send alarms.

    NOTE: Zones that have been bypassed (not armed with the system) cannot be armed again until the system has been disarmed, the zones returned to normal, and the system is armed again.

    Enter your personal passcode to cancel COMMAND 8.


    Use this arming command in residential systems to arm the front of your house while the interior and the rear perimeter doors are left unarmed, giving you freedom of movement between the house and patio. In commercial systems, when you need access to the large overhead doors to receive deliveries, using COMMAND 8 will allow you to keep the rest of your building armed.

    To use COMMAND 8:

    1. Before arming with COMMAND 8, decide which zones are to be left disarmed. Fault the zones by leaving a door or window open.
    2. Pressing any of the keys (except the COMMAND bar) will give you a zone description of all faulted zones in the Alpha II display. Check to ensure that only the desired zone(s) are left open. The zone(s) must remain open until after the exit delay time expires.
    3. Press the COMMAND bar. The display should show SYSTEM COMMAND.
    4. Press the 8 key. PERIMETR DELAYED is displayed then alternates between PERIMETR PARTIAL and EXIT NOW It shortens to PERIMETR PARTIAL when the system arms. Pressing any numbered key shows the custom display of faulted zones (both perimeter and interior).
    5. When performing a COMMAND 8, and no zones are faulted, or if the zones return to normal before the exit delay time expires, the system is armed as in COMMAND 3.
    6. To disarm, enter your personal passcode.

    Part numbers D8112E, D8112E1, D8112G, D8112G1, D8112G2

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