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    How-to: SQL Database Backup Options

    Note: The supported option for backing up RPS is via RPS itself and selecting file and backup.

    SQL Database backups can contain sets, and each set is the representation of the database at the time that the backup occurred. The sets are sequentially numbered, and they can be used to restore the database to a specific backup. All the sets are contained in a single SQL backup file.

     Overwrite existing media is the option used to initialize the destination backup file; therefore, all previous backup sets are eliminated. This option is useful because backup sets are not listed when restoring the database, so the most current database is always going to be restored as set 1. This option should be used when creating a backup to ensure that the current database restored is always set 1, as this avoids confusing when restoring a SQL backup file.

     Append to media is the option to append the current backup to an existing backup file. If it is a new file, then it will create a backup set as 1; otherwise, the backup set is the next sequential number based on the total number of existing backup sets. This option can be confusing when the backup is restored because the backup file does not contain a detailed list the contents of each backup set. Backing up RPS via SQL should be avoided in almost all cases since it is NOT a supported option.

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