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    How to Troubleshoot the D4412/D6412 keypad says Not Programmed, See Install Guide.

    1.  Verify connections and programming:

    • a.  Using panel data bus connections:
      • 1) Ensure programming has Command Center 1 assigned to Area 1 and the keypad is addressed to (1) with dip switch 1 and 6 up and the installer switch is open. (for details on programming see step 3.) 
    • b.  Using double ended 'Installer' cable connected to Aux/Data port:
      • 1) Ensure keypad is addressed to 0 with all dip switches down and the installer pin is closed.

     2.  Connect keypad data and power directly to panel and test:

    • a.  Connect keypad harness directly to panel paying close attention to connection points of Green and Yellow data wires. Reversing Green and Yellow will result in System Fault display. A disconnected Yellow wire will result in Not Programmed display.
    • b.  Verify Black to Green reads approximately 10-12Vdc cycling.
    • c.  Verify Black to Yellow reads approximately 11.5-12.5Vdc cycling.

    3.  Ensure keypad programmed correctly

    • a.  In RPS ensure keypad is turned on and is addressed correctly. In Command Center # Area an entry of Area 1, Area 2, Area 3*, or Area 4* should be selected for the addressed command center.   (*only applies to D6412)
    • b.  In Keypad programming ensure the assigned area number is entered in the correct nibble, 0 for disabled, 1-4 for areas 1-4.
      • Address    Nibble          Address     Nibble
      •      1              0679                    5             0687    
      •      2              0681                    6             0689
      •      3              0683                    7             0691
      •      4              0685                    8             0693

    4.  Ensure keypad addressed correctly

    Addr SW1 SW2 SW3 SW4 SW5 SW6
       1 ON          
       2   ON       ON
       3 ON ON       ON
       4      ON     ON
       5  ON   ON      ON
       6   ON ON     ON
       7 ON ON ON     ON
       8       ON    
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