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    8112 Sked Functions COMMAND 52.


    Sked Functions COMMAND 52


    The Skeds feature tells your security system to automatically initiate certain system tasks at scheduled times. Each Sked instructs your system to initiate a specific task like disabling Opening/Closing Reports, controlling Relays, bypassing specified zones, etc.

    COMMAND 52 lets you review and/or change certain aspects of the Skeds feature in your security system. Each Sked is programmed with either a time and/or date (January 01 to December 31) or day(s) of the week (Sunday to Saturday). The time is specified by the exact hour and minute with a 24-hour clock. The day or date of execution can only be changed by your alarm technician. You can only use COMMAND 52 while your system is disarmed.

    COMMAND 52 will NOT operate while the system is Armed, Perimeter Armed, or during Entry or Exit Delays.

    Before you can use COMMAND 52, you must enter a passcode beginning with the digit "8" that was programmed into your security system by your alarm technician Please consult your alarm company before making any changes to the Skeds functions.

    Sked functions associated with each Alpha II Function Key (A, B, C, D): In the COMMAND 52 Mode, the function keys (A, B, C,D) are used for selecting functions related to the Skeds feature and are different from their normal operation.

    A Key = Active Skeds Review, B Key = Bypass Holiday (Turn ON/OFF), C Key = Change Sked Time, D Key = Day of Week Change.

    To use COMMAND 52:

    1. Press the COMMAND bar Display: SYSTEM COMMAND
    2. Press the 5 key Display: SUB COMMAND
    3. Press the 2 key Display: ENTER YOUR COMBO
    4. Enter Passcode beginning with the digit 8. Example: 8 1 2 3 4 Display: SKEDS FUNCTION?
    5. When SKEDS FUNCTION? is displayed, you can either select a Sked function by pressing any one of the Alpha II Function keys, or you can exit the COMMAND 52 Mode by pressing the COMMAND bar.
    6. If you enter into the COMMAND 52 Mode but do NOT press any keys, your security system will automatically exit the COMMAND 52 Mode after 30 seconds.

    A = Active Skeds Review In the COMMAND 52 Mode, pressing Function Key A lets you review "active" Skeds (working Skeds which can have their times changed). This function displays the Number and Type of each active Sked. There are two Sked Types: Type 1 (Date of Year) and Type 2 (Day of Week). You can review each Sked Type as it appears on the display of your Alpha II Command Center. After each active Sked has been displayed once, your security system automatically exits the "Active Skeds Review" function.

    To use Function A:

    1. If NO "active" Skeds have been programmed into the memory of your security system by your alarm technician, NO ACTIVE SKEDS will appear in the display.
    2. Press the A key. Display: SKEDS 101 = TYPE 1
    3. Press the COMMAND bar to ADVANCE to next Sked. Display (example): SKEDS 102 = TYPE 1
    4. Repeat Step 3 to display each Active Sked and its type.
    5. Press the 0 (Zero) key to RETURN to first visible Sked. Display (example): SKEDS 101 = TYPE 1
    6. After the last Sked has appeared on the display, SKEDS FUNCTION? will reappear automatically.
    7. Press the COMMAND bar to EXIT COMMAND 52. Display: READY TO ARM

    NOTE: If at any time you want to QUIT and EXIT this function, press function A key to exit the Active Skeds Review and return to SKEDS FUNCTION?.

    B = Bypass Holiday (Turn Holiday Bit ON/OFF) Pressing Function Key B lets you bypass (Turn-OFF) or activate (Turn-ON) the current day as a Holiday. Certain Skeds may be programmed into your security system by your alarm company to operate on specified days, except when those days fall on designated holidays. Holiday periods are programmed into your security system by your alarm company. However, you may decide that you want to bypass a scheduled holiday. Or, you may want to manually activate a holiday period. To do so, pressing Function Key B in the COMMAND 52 Mode lets you turn the Holiday Bit ON or OFF.

    • Holiday Bit ON = Skeds recognizes this time as a holiday.
    • Holiday Bit OFF = Skeds does not recognize this time as a holiday.

    This Function Key "toggles" the selection between ON and OFF, each time it is pressed. When the desired selection is showing in your Alpha II display, press the COMMAND Bar to enter the selection into the memory of your security system. At the same time, this causes your system to automatically exit the "Holiday Bypass" function.

    To bypass or activate Holiday Mode (Turn ON or OFF):

    1. Press the B key Display: HOLIDAY BIT OFF
    2. Press the B key Example: HOLIDAY BIT ON
    3. Press the COMMAND bar
    4. Pressing the COMMAND bar in Step 3 turns the Holiday Mode ON, exits the "Bypass Holiday" function and returns to SKEDS FUNCTION ?
    5. Press the COMMAND bar to EXIT COMMAND 52. Display: READY TO ARM

    C = Change Sked Times

    Pressing Function Key C lets you Review and/or Change Sked Times, Set Sked Intervals, and Disable Skeds. Certain Skeds may be programmed so that they can only be reviewed and/or changed by your alarm technician. All Sked Times operate on a 24-hour clock. Press Function Key C , SKED NUMBER = will appear in your display, requesting the Sked Number you wish to review and/or change. Press the COMMAND bar once to EXIT back to SKEDS FUNCTION? from the SKED NUMBER = display.

    To Change Sked Times:

    1. Press the C key Display: SKED NUMBER =
    2. Enter desired 3-digit Sked Number Example: 1 0 1 Display: SKED NUMBER = 101
    3. Press the COMMAND bar Display: 101 TIME 09 = 30
    4. As shown in the example of Step 3, this causes the Sked Number (101) and the current Time this sked is to take place (09:30) to appear in your display.
    5. If you do NOT want to change a Sked time, go to Step 7, otherwise repeat Step 2 for each new    Sked Time you want to review. To change a Sked Time, simply enter the new time* you wish to use, as shown below in Step 6.
    6. Enter new 4-digit Sked Time Example: 1 0 3 0 > Display: 101 TIME 10 = 30
    7. Press the COMMAND bar Display: SKED NUMBER =
    8. Pressing the COMMAND bar (Step 7) enters the new Sked Time into the memory of your security system. If the COMMAND bar is not pressed, the new time will not be entered and the Alpha II will revert back to its original state. If no keys are pressed for 20 seconds, the Alpha II automatically exits from this mode.

    * You can also Set An Interval For Sked Time by choosing one of three options: Every Minute of the Hour Displayed, Every Minute of Every Hour, or Every Hour At A Specified Minute by pressing the A Function Key.

    D = Day of Week Change

    Function Key D lets you change the Day of Week (DOW) feature. The Day of Week feature provides an electronic calendar for Skeds to follow when they are programmed to operate on a weekly schedule. This Day of Week setting is dedicated to the Skeds feature and should NOT be confused with the day of week setting involving COMMAND 46.

    In the COMMAND 52 Mode, the D key causes SKEDS DOW = DAY #to appear in your Alpha II display. In this Skeds function, the days of the week are coded by numbers (1 - 7), as follows: Numerical entries to set day of week display

    1 = SUN, 2 = MON, 3 = TUE, 4 = WED, 5 = THU, 6 = FRI, 7 = SAT. To reset the day of week, simply enter the code number for the day it is when you reset the calendar.

    To Set System Day of Week:

    1. Press the D key Example: System is currently set on Saturday SKEDS DOW = SAT 7
    2. Enter the code number for the desired Day of Week Example: You want Sunday, Press the 1 key. Display: SKEDS DOW = SUN 1
    3. You must press the COMMAND bar to enter a new Day of Week setting into the memory of your security system. If you do not touch the COMMAND bar for approximately 30 seconds after changing the Day of Week setting, your selection will revert back to the original setting and your system will automatically exit the Day of Week Change function.
    4. Press the COMMAND bar to enter your new Day of Week selection. Display: SKED FUNCTION?
    5. Notice that when you press the COMMAND bar to enter your selection, your system automatically exits the Day of Week Change function.
    6. Press the COMMAND bar to exit COMMAND 52 Display: READY TO ARM

    Part numbers D8112, D8112E, D8112E1, D8112G, D8112G1, D8112G2

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