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    How to Use CMD 54 Rleay Control on the D8112


    Relay Control Functions Command 54.


    Relay Control Functions

    A security passcode is required to unlock this COMMAND. The COMMAND 54 feature lets you perform two functions with relays in your security sytstem. First, you can check the status of relays (ON/OFF), and second, you can change (reverse) the status of these relays. In security systems with Access Control, the COMMAND 54 Mode identifies which relays are assigned to Access Control and which relays are NOT assigned to Access Control. If you have a system with Access Control, you can only check and/or change the status of relays not assigned to Access Control (e.g.: turn unassigned relays ON or OFF). In security systems without Access Control, the COMMAND 54 Mode lets you check and/or change the status of all relays in the system (e.g.: it allows you to turn all relays ON or OFF). You can enter the COMMAND 54 Mode while your system is armed or disarmed, however, you can NOT enter the COMMAND 54 mode during an Entry or Exit Delay. Your security system may be programmed so that before you can use COMMAND 54, you must enter a passcode beginning with any digit from 1 to 8.

    COMMAND 5 4

    In the COMMAND 54 Mode, relays assigned to Access Control are indicated by an " X " in the display. When a relay is in the "ON" mode, it is displayed by its identifying relay number (1 to 8). When a relay is in the "OFF" mode it is indicated by a dash ( –).

    Sample Display: RELAYS X X 3 4 – – – –

    In the Sample display above, relays 1 and 2 are assigned to Access Control. Relays 3 and 4 are activated (ON) while relays 5, 6, 7, and 8 are deactivated (OFF). When you enter the COMMAND 54 Mode, the status of the relays will automatically appear in the Alpha II display. At this time you may change (reverse) the status (ON or OFF) of a relay by pressing the number key on the keypad corresponding with that relay number. For example, to reverse relay number 6, press key 6. The system stays in the COMMAND 54 Mode as long as you are pressing keys (except the COMMAND bar) on the keypad. To exit COMMAND 54, simply press the COMMAND bar, or wait approximately 30 seconds and the system will automatically exit for you.

    Relay Control Functions associated with each Alpha II Function Key (A, B, C, D): In the COMMAND 54 Mode, the Function Keys (A, B, C, D) are used for selecting functions related to the Relay Control feature and are different from their normal operation, as explained below.

    A Key – All relays turned OFF (deactivated).

    B Key – Back to original relay status (relays return to their status before you entered COMMAND 54).

    C Key – Change all relays (reverse the status of each relay).

    D Key – Depart back to COMMAND 54 original relay status and exits from the COMMAND 54 mode.

    To use COMMAND 54:

    1. Press the COMMAND bar Display: SYSTEM COMMAND
    2. Press the 5 key Display: SUB COMMAND
    3. Press the 4 key
    4. Do this step if required: Display: ENTER YOUR COMBO >Enter Passcode - Example: 2 3 4 5 6
    5. Display: RELAYS – – – – – – – –
    6. You may now press other Function Keys to change the status of relay functions, if desired.
    7. To enter any change(s), Press the COMMAND bar. Display: READY TO ARM
    8. Pressing the COMMAND bar does two things: It enters your changes into the system memory and it automatically exits the COMMAND 54 Mode.

    Part numbers D8112, D8112E, D8112E1, D8112G, D8112G1, D8112G2, D1252, D1252A, D8129

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