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    How to arm only the area the keypad is assigned to rather than all of the areas it can see.

    Set Passcode Follows Scope in Command Center Assignments to NO.
    When set as No, only the area designated as the keypad's assigned area will arm regardless of the areas designated as Area(s) in Scope. Set the option Passcode Follows Scope to NO.  

    The parameters are also defined in RPS:

    Passcode Follows Scope
    • Yes: Master arming allows a user to change the armed state of the areas within the scope of this command center. If the areas in the scope are already at the intended armed state, they remain in that state.
    • Important:
      • If the area to which this command center is assigned is armed, entering a valid passcode disarms this area and all other areas assigned to the scope of this command center.
      • If the area to which this command center is assigned is disarmed, entering a valid passcode disarms this area and all other areas assigned to the scope of this command center.
    • No:  Allows a user to view areas within the programmed scope, but only arm or disarm the area programmed in Area Assignment when a passcode is entered.
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