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    How to change the passcodes on the 2000 series panels

     Owner Code Change

    1. Press 5. If you hear the error tone, the system does not have the Change Passcode feature.
    2. Enter your passcode. The light showing your code number (1 to 😎 turns on, and the Part light starts flashing.
    3. Enter a new passcode with the same number of digits as your old code. If the error tone sounds, start over. Try a different new passcode.
    4. Enter your new passcode again. The OK tone sounds and the system leaves passcode change mode. If the error tone sounds, start over.

    Other User Code Change

    1. Press key [6] to enter Show User Mode.
    2. Enter your passcode (Owner type required).
    3. Press [0]. The Part light starts flashing. You are now in Owner Passcode Change Mode.
    4. Enter the number of the passcode you want to change (1through 8).
    5. Enter a new passcode with the same number of digits as your passcode. The OK tone sounds. If the error tone sounds, go to Step 4. Try a different passcode.
    6. Enter the new passcode again. The OK tone sounds. Go to Step 4 to change another passcode or Step 7 to continue. If the error tone sounds, return to Step 4. Be sure to enter the same passcode in Steps 5 and 6.
    7. After changing a passcode, check its user type. Press [Clear] once to go back to Show User mode.
    8. Press [Clear] a second time to exit the Passcode Change mode.
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