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    How to correct Remote Programming Software fails to open.

    As with many software programs there are a number of factors which may prevent a program from opening as expected.  This article provides solutions to some of the common issues which may prevent Remote Programming Software from opening.

    Some common causes for RPS failing to open are:

    • Anti-Virus Software running while RPS is installed.
      • Anti-Virus software is designed detect the presence of malicious files or scripts and to prevent them from running. Important files or scripts may be deemed malicious and blocked during the install and cause RPS to fail to open. Verify any Anti-Virus software is disabled before installing RPS.
    • Firewalls running while RPS is installed.
      • Firewalls are designed to protect the computer by blocking unauthorized access to or from a private computer network. This may block normal operations of RPS such as connecting to the database. Verify any firewalls are disabled before installing RPS.
    • Missing read/write permissions in folders created during installation.
      • Read/write permissions are required in to allow reading and writing to database tables during normal operation. Verify the Windows user performing the installation has administrative privileges required for granting read/write permissions to folders. 
    • Extracting the installation files to the desktop and then executing the installation.
      • File names may exceed the character limit for file names when the installation files are extracted to the desktop. It is recommended to extract the RPS installation files to a folder at the root of the local hard drive. This reduces the number of characters in file names by eliminating the operating systems path to the user’s folder. For example;
        • Path to user’s desktop folder: C:\Windows\Uses\User-name\Desktop\ RPS6.08.200\install files
        • Path from root of local drive: C:\ RPS6.08.200\install files
        • Use a unique name for the folder at the root of the local drive. Avoid naming the folder name ‘RPS’ as a folder with the name RPS is created during the install of RPS.

    RPS Installs but fails to connect to the database:

    When Remote Programming Software opens, a secure connection is made to the database which is located in an instance of SQL. An error such as Database connection failed is an indication that connection to SQL was not successful or the database was not accessible.

    See the article: How to troubleshoot Database Connection Failed error when opening RPS.

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