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    How to correct the Invalid or Missing Hardware Key message from RPS.

    The computer is not seeing the Hardware Key or Dongle.

    • If this is a new installation of RPS and if a USB dongle is used, then make sure the dongle was not plugged in during the installation. If the USB dongle was plugged in during the installation, then the dongle drivers must be uninstalled and reinstalled. The installation file for the dongle is located on the RPS CD in the Safenet Sentinel Pro Drivers folder, and the dongle must be unplugged while the drivers are reinstalled.
    • Make sure the dongle is plugged in prior to opening the Connect window in RPS.
    • The RPS dongle must be correct for the version of RPS installed (for example, you cannot use an RPS Lite dongle for the full version of RPS).
    • Check the model number printed on the dongle. It should be SRB11138 for the full version RPS USB dongle (P/N D5370-USB).
    • Check to see if the driver in the figure below is displayed in Device Manager of the PC. 

    Hardware Key Driver.png

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