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    How to determine the card data from the credential B942.

     A.  Add the credential into the B942.
    B.  Retrieve the master site code and card data using the B942 or RPS.

    1. Ensure proper keypad type selected and Token reader enabled.
         a. In RPS under SDI2 Keypad Assignments perform the following: (cannot be done with keypad programming).
              i. Select Keypad Type= B94x.
              ii. Select Disable Token Reader= NO (default setting=Yes).
    2.  Add a credential into an existing user with the B942.
         a. Go to the menus and select Users.
         b.  Select Edit User and enter the user number & select Enter.
         c. The users name displays, press Continue.
         d. Edit User# x:  Select Card.
         e. B942 reads; Configure Access card for this user? Select Enter.
         f. Says Not Assigned; select Add.
         g. Present the correct keyfob type to the B942.

    3. Retrieve the site code and card data from the added credential using the B942.
         a. Repeat steps 2a. – 2e.
         b. The B942 reads back the card data: (xx)yyyyy.  (xx) is the site code and yyyyy is the card data.

    4. Retrieve the site code and card data from the added credential using RPS.
         a. Copy the panel programming into the account in RPS.
         b. Go to Passcodes > Access Site & Card/Keyfob RFID.
         c. Locate the user where the credential was added.  The Site Code and Card Data will be located here.

     B3512, B4512, B5512, D7212GV4Ver2+ D7412GV4Ver2+, D9412GV4Ver2+, B942, ACA-ATR13, ACD-ATR11ISO, ACD-ATR14CS

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